Reviews of “The Gathering” are excited about this album..

I am honored and amazed at all the wonderful reviews “The Gathering” is receiving.  My song “Carpe Diem” was chosen to be on this album along with 22 fantastic musicians.  It is a reminder to me of the “Windham Hill Record” days, of how the musicians then truly created a beautiful sound.  To be compared to that sound today humbles me. I thank Michael Diamond for his insights.  Here is the link to the review:

Michael Diamond Reviews “The Gathering”

Consider giving this album as a gift to your friends, believe me its worth it, and your loved ones will be smiling with you. 😉

“The Gathering” 

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Kori Linae Carothers

A Rare Opportunity to Obtain Windham Hill Merchandise.

I really should introduce myself, Johny Dark has invited me to help be an admin here. My name is Kori Linae Carothers. I am a pianist produced by Will Ackerman, founder of Windham Hill Records. At this time, I am not here to talk about myself. I am here to tell you about a wonderful opportunity to obtain Windham Hill Merchandise and a few other exciting things from the Windham Hill Records label. It is very likely that we will have all the merchandise that you can think of. From customized hats from somewhere like Imprint, ( to jumpers, hoodies, and backpacks, we have a wide-array of merchandise that will be going towards a good cause. As most of you know, SONY bought Windham Hill Records My friend Fiona Joy Hawkins ( who is a fabulous pianist from Australia, also produced by Will Ackerman, is on tour here in the USA.) She is raising funds for a charity Spa for the Pink at her concert on September 8th in Thousand Oaks, CA. She has obtained a Pith Military Safari helmet, and is getting those of us produced by Will Ackerman, AND artists from Windham Hill’s heydays to sign it, where it will be auctioned and the funds will go to the charity Spa4ThePInk.

She is in New York right now and visited SONY NY, and met Isadar( he is also a pianist produced by Will Ackerman). While there, Isadar generously donated FOUR out-of print Windham Hill DVDS and a 30 Year Annivesary Windham Hill set of CDs complete with 18 Windham Hill signatures from artists like Liz Story, Phil Aaberg, Will Ackerman, Samite and lots more. These donations will be auctioned at her concert here in Southern California on September 8th.

If you want more information about these items and how to obtain them please visit her blog:


A New Generation of Artists produced by Will Ackerman

William Ackerman The Gathering

We wanted you to know, that Will Ackerman has been busy.  Busy with what? An album called The Gathering.  The Gathering is a handpicked collection of songs from 22 artists recently produced by Grammy winning guitarist and founder of Windham Hill Records, Will Ackerman at his Imaginary Road Studios in Vermont.

To listen to samples of The Gathering and read the reviews its been getting, click on the link below:

The Gathering

Liz Story Live at Yoshi’s – ticket giveaway

Liz Story
Liz Story

Liz Story at Yoshi’s Oakland ticket giveaway

One of the best things about being a Windham Hill fan is that even though the label has gone away (or at least been exiled to reissue only status by Sony/Legacy), many of the original artists are performing and creating music more vibrantly than ever. Case in point: Liz Story, performing at Yoshi’s Oakland location March 4, 2012.

Liz was radiant at the “Women of Windham Hill” Holiday concert in December at the same location. With an intelligence, depth and beauty matched with technicals that perfectly deliver the music, Liz seems to be at absolute top form, and I’m looking forward to hearing an entire show.

To win 2 free tickets to see Liz Story in concert at Yoshi’s Oakland location on March 4, 2012, reply in the comments here, and Like Windhaming on Facebook. That’s it. The lucky winner will be notified via email the week of the show.


2011 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 25,000 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 9 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Windham Hill Winter Solstice Music Live in the Bay Area

This year, instead of Frankincense and Myrrh, the Bay Area gets a gift of a mini-tour with Barbara Higbie, Liz Story and Lisa Lynne performing a Windham Hill Winter Solstice celebration across the Bay Area. See below for dates and ticket information. I will be representing Windhaming at the Yoshi’s Oakland date.

In more news, Montreaux has reunited after 20 years and will be performing two concerts in January at Yoshi’s in Oakland and the Napa Valley Opera House. I hope to have more details on this soon.

Thur. Dec 15, 2011 Oakland, CA @ Yoshi’s Jazz Club, 8:00 pm, Barbara Higbie with Liz Story and Lisa Lynne – Windham Hill Winter Solstice Celebration. Info/tickets:

Fri. Dec 16, 2011 Napa, CA, @ Napa Valley Opera House, 8:00 pm, Barbara Higbie with Liz Story and Lisa Lynne – Windham Hill Winter Solstice Celebration. Info/

Sat. Dec 17, 2011 San Francisco, CA, House Concert @ SPECIAL EVENT SALON, 7:30 pm, Barbara Higbie with Liz Story and Lisa Lynne – Windham Hill Winter Solstice Celebration. INTIMATE HO– USE CONCERT in a spacious Edwardian house with wraparound gardens in West Portal, Glen Park, City College area of San Francisco. Spaces limited, please reserve early! Reservations:

Sat. Jan 14, 2012 Oakland, CA @ Yoshi’s Jazz Club, 8:00 pm / 10:00 pm, MONTREUX Reunion with Darol Anger, Mike Marshall, Michael Manring and Barbara Higbie. (Get tickets early for the first reunion show in 20 years of the legendary band). Info/

Sun. Jan 15, 2012 Napa, CA, @ Napa Valley Opera House, 7:30 pm, MONTREUX Reunion with Darol Anger, Mike Marshall, Michael Manring and Barbara Higbie. Info/tickets:

WH-1030 Alex de Grassi Southern Exposure Windham Hill

WH 1030 de grassi southern exposure
WH 1030 de grassi southern exposure

Southern Exposure Review

A tour de force of finger-picking guitar, and in many ways the album that would set de Grassi’s direction for years, Southern Exposure is an understated delight.

Technically impressive, and hewing to a fast-paced solo guitar sound, Southern Exposure nonetheless shows many moods. From the ringing rhythms of Overland, to the final notes of the humming Subway, De Grassi provides an album that rewards close listening, yet maintains a cheerful veneer of joy. Where Turning: Turning Back was more pensive, and Clockwork played on group dynamics developing in rhythm and melody, Southern Exposure sets a style that De Grassi is still exploring today.

Highly recommended.

Southern Exposure Tunings Listing

Side One: 18:15

  • Overland 2:29
  • Blue and White 4:16
  • 36 4:40
  • Cumulus 4:55
  • Southern Exposure 1:55

Side Two 19:41

  • Western 4:02
  • Street Waltz 3:37
  • Heavy Feet 4:39
  • Empty Room 3:04
  • Subway 4:19

Southern Exposure Samples


Southern Exposure



WH 1030 alex de grassi southern exposure back cover
Alex de Grassi, 1983. Photo by Bud Lee, Courtesy TWA Ambassador Magazine

Produced by Alex de Grassi and Steven Miller

  • Recorded in May, 1983, at the Music Annex, Menlo Park, CA
  • Engineered by Steven Miller
  • Assistant engineers Russel Bond and Roger Wiersma
  • Digital editing and transfer by Mark Boeddeker, Master Digital, Venice, CA
  • Mastered by Bernie Grundman at A&M
  • Matrix and pressings by Soundome, Irvine, CA
  • Cover photo by Barry Brukoff
  • Liner photo by Bud Lee, courtesy TWA Ambassador Magazine
  • Design by Anne Ackerman Robinson

This album was recorded live to two-track digital, using a Sony PCM 1600

  • All compositions by Alex de Grassi
  • All selections Tropo Music (BMI)
  • Administered by Windham Hill Music (BMI)

My guitar was built by Ervin Somogyi of Berkeley, CA

Special thanks to Lila for always listening, and to an anonymous voice in the audience for the title “Subway”.

  • Manufactured by Windham Hill Records
  • A Division of Windham Hill Productions Inc.
  • Box 9388, Stanford, CA 94305
  • (c) (p) Windham Hill Records 1983
  • Distributed by A&M

Other Alex de Grassi recordings on Windham Hill Records

1. Turning: Turning Back

2. Slow Circle

3. Clockwork

4. Southern Exposure

William Ackerman “Interview” video from “Returning”

Wonder what William Ackerman has been up to these past few years? While the Windham Hill label as a mark of new music is gone, many of the artists continue to record and perform new music that equals or betters what we fell in love with some 30 years ago.

Here is a video straight from Will’s press kit that was recorded at the time of “Returning”. This gives terrific background insight into Windham Hill, and let’s you hear some excerpts from the excellent “Returning” album. Since then, Will has also released the outstanding “New England Roads” which I consider a must-have for any Ackerman fan. Enjoy.

Check out just a few of the currently performing and recording artists who made their mark with Windham Hill:

Alex De Grassi at

Mark Isham at

Barbara Higbie:

Scott Cossu:

Darol Anger:

Mike Marshall:

George Winston:

Russel Walder:

Michael Manring:

David Qualey: